I Can Hear The Lawyers Sharpening Their Pencils

I just read this article about a new product that will allow you to automatically record individual songs off of the radio as mp3’s. Apparently it uses a special algorithm to identify individual songs and record them as seperate mp3’s.

I especially like this quote by the CEO of the company marketing the device:

“This is the RIAA’s worst nightmare,” Frutkin said. “We fully expect a battle royale in Washington over this. The RIAA is going to have to shut down the technology or sit down across the conference table from us and try to make this work for everyone. We’ve stepped over the threshold, and I’m frankly nervous about what the financial repercussions will be.”

I hope he has deep pockets.

Maybe they will find a way to add a signal to the broadcast that, when recorded by the device, turns the music into an annoying sound no one would want to hear. Oh, wait, I guess they don’t really have to add anything at all to do that.


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