Fender Internet Guitar

I just saw this article on gizmag saying that Fender and Intel have teamed up to produce an internet enabled guitar. It seems like this is a concept guitar and not an actual product.

At first glance, I was thinking this would be some kind of MIDI enabled guitar that would allow people to jam over the internet. But after reading the article, it seems to be a regular telecaster with a laptop stuck in the back of it. The laptop can be used to record an playback audio and then send it via email, much like you might do on a laptop that’s not built in to the guitar.

The back of the guitar also seems like kind of an inconvenient place to have the laptop. Since if you are recording, you have to keep switching between playing on the front of the guitar to manipulating recording controls on the back of the guitar.

It just seems silly to me, maybe I’m missing something.

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