Derek Trucks Band Equipment Trailer Stolen.

I’m hoping some readers of this site might be in a position to help out here.

From Harmony Central:

The Derek Trucks Band had their equipment trailer stolen in Atlanta the night of March 10, 2006. Harmony-Central is asking our community, particularly those in the greater Atlanta area, to be on the lookout for any of the following gear.

Here is a list of the key items that were in the DTB trailer. This is not a complete list but these are the items we’re most likely to spot and hopefully recover. Please contact (303)778-1156 immediately if you have any information.

I’ve reprinted the equipment list below. I’m posting it here in order to try to reach as wide an audience as possible. There is also information about the theft Derek Trucks Band site.

They are asking that if you live in the Atlanta area and know any local music stores that buy used equipment, to please provide them with the list.

  1. Pearl 5-piece Drum Kit (Black)
    Serial numbers: 652623, 642341, 83233, 6526231, 65216
  2. ’66 Fender blackface Super Reverb with Weber DT-10 speakers.
    Serial number: A13225
  3. ’65 Fender blackface Super Reverb with Pile Driver speakers; has external bias and plate voltage testpoints on rear next to line cord. EXT speaker jack has been converted to a line output.
    Serial number: A06896
  4. Hammond B-3 w/custom Leslie foot switch
    Serial number: pending
  5. Leslie cabinet, model 147
    Serial number: H25474
  6. Hohner Clavinet model E7
    Serial number: 3447 410
  7. Yamaha Motif keyboard
    Serial number: IHO1189
  8. Cool 1974 Ampeg SVT Bass Head
    Serial number: 112149
  9. Ampeg 4X10 bass cabinet
    Serial number: pending
  10. 4 LP Congas in soft bags
  11. ’96 Matchless Chieftain 2X10 combo amp
    Serial number: pending
  12. Mikes:
    3 Shure SM57
    2 Shure SM58
    Shure Beta 52
    2 AKG 460
    3 EV 406
    Neuman KM184
    2 Sennheiser 421
    Beyer M88
    2 AKG C414
    EV RE20
  13. Furman-PL plus power conditioner
    Serial number: 7Z37
  14. Drawmer DL441 4 channel compressor
    Serial number: 706
  15. 3 DBX 160A compressors
    Serial numbers: pending
  16. TC Electronics D2-Delay Unit
    Serial number: 3107455
  17. Yamaha SPX90 effects processor
    Serial number: 26308
  18. Cool Tascam DAPI DAT recorder
    Serial number: 580001
  19. Midas Mixing Console
    Serial number: 173052 0324011056
  20. Tascam 8 track model DA78HR
    Serial number: 100101
  21. Tascam 8 track model DA38
    Serial number: 270262
  22. Tascam 8 track model DA38
    Serial number: 40369


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