Why I like the Internet.

Here is a video I posted on YouTube that I took while driving through a carwash:

A few days after I had posted it, I was playing around with youtube’s insight feature and I found that there were a lot of views coming from an embedded player hosted on this blog. I was really amazed that they found my video so quickly. The webmaster regular searches for videos of Grafton, and since I had used ‘Grafton’ as one of the tags on my video, she found it. I read a few articles on the blog, and I really liked the content so I’ll probably be visiting there.

If you want people to find your videos I guess you need to try to find tags that differentiate it from the others because you never know who will be searching for that tag. There seems to be a million carwash videos(which is seems amazing to me, but two of them are mine so I guess I shouldn’t be so shocked). But adding the tag Grafton is what got my video noticed. If you take a video of driving through a car wash in a Maserati, make sure you tag it ‘carwash maserati’ and not just ‘carwash.’

Now the other thing I learned from the webmaster over at the Greater Grafton Blog is that a large percentage of videos tagged Grafton were of trains and if mine was of a train, it probably never would have made it. Sure enough I searched youtube for ‘Grafton train’ and found quite a few matches. I didn’t have the heart to say that I was thinking of shooting a video of the train.

The third thing I learned is that I’m not the only person taking videos of this particular carwash. A commenter of the post about my video included a link to a video of her husband going through the same car wash:

As you can see, they went with the humor angle whereas I went in a different direction with mine. I’m thinking if this trend continues, Grafton car wash videos might become a cliche like the train videos. By watching this video, I found that thehe person who posted it has quite a few videos some of which are quite good, so I subscribed to her youtube channel.

So all because of one video I uploaded, which isn’t really that good, I discovered two people publishing content on that interests me, which is what I love about the internet. I often think “No one reads my blog” or “No one sees my videos.” “What’s the point?” And then something surpricing happens and you realize it isn’t the people who aren’t reading it that make a difference, it’s the ones that do.


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