Crazy Sour Candy Face

Lately, I’ve been really craving sour candy but it seemed that none of the typical sour candies I found in stores were sour enough. I don’t know the reason I had this craving–maybe it means I have a vitamin c deficiency or something–but whatever the reason, it lead me on a quest for the most sour candy I could find.

I wanted to find some quantitative comparison of the various sour candies available. I thought it would be nice if there was some measure of sourness like the Scoville scale for peppers but it doesn’t seem there is. I wonder how hard it would be to develop one.

What I did find was this blog called ‘Sour Candy Reviews’. The blog is run by a woman named Robin and she also has a YouTube channel featuring video reviews of various sour candies. The video reviews are great to watch so if you get a chance search YouTube for sourcandyreviews and watch them.

One of the candies that Robin reviewed is called Toxic Waste. And she gave it a rating of Ultimate Sour so it seemed promising. I didn’t know where I could buy these around here so I went to the manufacturers site and found that they were available at Walgreens stores. I drove to the nearest Walgreens and they did have them so I picked up a package of Toxic Waste and I also picked up a package of Warheads candies which are another extreme sour candy.

I decided to document my experience in the following video. In this video, I try two different Toxic Waste flavors and then a lemon Warheads candy. If you are looking to see a crazy sour face, I would say the third one is really the money shot. It also seems that I’m not the only person who has done this, because there are quite a few videos of people doing the same thing in my related videos. So this could be a youtube phenomenon that hasn’t quite taken of yet.

Hope you enjoyed that.


One thought on “Crazy Sour Candy Face

  1. When I was in Jr. High School, there grew a huge demand for sour candies and, more specifically, sour gumballs. This interest seemed to sprout almost overnight. I found a place that would sell the gumballs in bulk and began purchasing them by the bag to sell to my class-mates. Gum was contraband in school and I hustled those things off like crack cocaine.

    Eventually, a kid in one of my classes just brought in some straight citric acid. The first time that he brought some in, it had been transferred into a tiny little Tabasco bottle and everyone dared each other to try it. At one point I poured the whole thing onto my tongue and couldn’t take anything for the rest of the day. You could obtain a fairly large bottle of the powder at the local grocery store. Without sugar or candy involved, it’s about as strong as you’re going to get.

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