Jamming at the Speed of Light

From Wired News:

A new online service is about to launch that will allow bedroom musicians worldwide to play together in real-time — without leaving their own bedrooms. In March, eJamming will introduce eJamming Audio, an online music studio that uses peer-to-peer connections to eliminate lag times between live performers.

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FCC to Fine Behringer One Million Dollars

An interesting piece of news if you own any Behringer equipment:

Radio World Posted an article saying that the FCC is proposing a $1,000,000 fine for marketing products in the United States without certification that they meet FCC standards for radio interference. There is a list of the specific models that were imported in the FCC’s notice.

I only own one Behringer product, a BCF-2000 control surface, which is one of the products named. I was going to write a review of it for the site, but maybe I’ll hold off on that and see how this turns out. I am wondering if this will have any effect on future availability or support of these products in the United States.


Sell Your Music on iTunes and Rhapsody with TuneCore

TuneCore is a new music distribution service that allows any artist to sell their music on iTunes or Rhaposody. What is really great about this is that they don’t take any cut from the sale. (You get 100% of what iTunes or Rhapsody pays out) and you don’t give up any rights or ownership of your music.

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Dell Inspiron and M-Audio Firewire Problem

Not long ago, my homebuilt desktop computer died. This happened around the same time that Cakewalk started shipping Sonar 5. I had pre-ordered the upgrade to Sonar 5 and it when it arrived I was eager to try it out.

Since I had also recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 6000 notebook computer and since it had a built in firewire so that I could connect my M-Audio firewire 1814, I decided to try installing the new Sonar on it until I could get a replacement for my desktop.

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The Mixing Engineers Handbook

The Mixing Engineer\'s Handbook (Mix Pro Audio Series)I began learning guitar a little over two years ago at the tender young age of forty. At this stage in my life, the amount of time I have available for me to spend practicing guitar is in short supply. I also don’t have many opportunities to play with other musicians. For these reasons and the fact that I’m a computer geek, I’m always looking for ways to use my computer to help enhance my music learning experience.

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