Apple Says If You Want to Run Itunes, Don’t Get Vista

So it seems that instead of updating iTunes to make it compatible with Vista. Apple is trying to turn it’s sluggishness to update iTunes as a reason to not upgrade to Vista. It’s not like they didn’t have plenty of time to work on compatibility.

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Jamming at the Speed of Light

From Wired News:

A new online service is about to launch that will allow bedroom musicians worldwide to play together in real-time — without leaving their own bedrooms. In March, eJamming will introduce eJamming Audio, an online music studio that uses peer-to-peer connections to eliminate lag times between live performers.

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StroboSoft Reply

I recieved a letter from Marshall Johns at Peterson regarding my previous review of StroboSoft. Marshall sent me a link to the most recent version of StroboSoft that I had requested but hadn’t received. It seems he had sent it previously from his home address rather than from a Peterson address so it may have been filtered by my spam filter.

Also, In the letter, Marshall addresses some of the comments I made in my review, so I am posting that portion of the letter here:

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FCC to Fine Behringer One Million Dollars

An interesting piece of news if you own any Behringer equipment:

Radio World Posted an article saying that the FCC is proposing a $1,000,000 fine for marketing products in the United States without certification that they meet FCC standards for radio interference. There is a list of the specific models that were imported in the FCC’s notice.

I only own one Behringer product, a BCF-2000 control surface, which is one of the products named. I was going to write a review of it for the site, but maybe I’ll hold off on that and see how this turns out. I am wondering if this will have any effect on future availability or support of these products in the United States.


iGuitar from Brian Moore Guitars

This is an interesting video demonstrating the iGuitar from Brian Moore Guitars. I like this guitar because it connects directly to your PC via USB, so it is especially well suited to controlling software instruments.

If you want more information about the various iGuitar models you can find it at the manufacturer’s site. They have several models which range from $995 to $2000+.

This definately seems like a much cooler item than the Fender’s guitar that holds a tablet pc that I posted about previously. I love Fender. I love my Strat, I love my Hot Rod Deluxe, But I’m not too impressed by something where the major technological innovation is routing a big hole.


Return of the Robots.

Perhaps Evil Spud Boy was too hasty in saying farewell to QRIO and Aibo. A lot of speculation on the internet indicates that Google is up too something and I think we know what that is.

First, we see that Google is teaming up with Volkswagon and nVidia to create a new vehicle navigation system. Also we’ve heard that Google is working on a new operating system. Additionally, we’ve heard they are going to make their own internet and global computer mind.

So it comes as no surprise to me that Google will be purchasing Sony’s former robotics division.


Sell Your Music on iTunes and Rhapsody with TuneCore

TuneCore is a new music distribution service that allows any artist to sell their music on iTunes or Rhaposody. What is really great about this is that they don’t take any cut from the sale. (You get 100% of what iTunes or Rhapsody pays out) and you don’t give up any rights or ownership of your music.

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Fairwell, QRIO, I hardly knew you.

Engadget posted a story that Sony is ceasing development of the Aibo and QRIO robots. I’m very dissapointed about this. Sony just recently released Mind 3 for the Aibo. And QRIO’s abilities seemed very impressive also.

You can read about QRIO’s cababilities and watch a demonstration on Sony’s site. I don’t know how long they will keep that page up.

When I first watched that demonstration, I was determined that I would someday own a QRIO, now that will never happen. At least Honda still has the Asimo.